Tips And Tricks For Maintaining Your Washer And Drying Equipment

The ability to wash and dry clothes is a modern marvel that many people take for granted.  Maintaining this equipment is also key to ensuring that when it is needed to work it will.  One task that many people don’t like doing is cleaning out the dryer lint.  This task seems to be tedious and time consuming or just overlooked.  This is why hiring a dryer lint removal service can save you time and money.

Why remove lint?

hiring a dryer lint removal service

When clothes are dried lint and other particle are removed and collected in the lint trap.  Over time the trap will become full and need to be emptied.  If the lint is not removed, then the backup could overflow and cause a fire.  This is something that we don’t want.

How often should you empty the lint trap?

The trap should be emptied after every use.  However, many people will not do this and will wait until five or six loads have gone through.  When we wait this long, we increase the risk of doing damage to our machines.

Why hire someone to do this?

There are many reasons why you would want to hire someone to clean your traps.  First of all, you will know that the task has been done.  When we don’t have to think about a problem, we are free to focus on more pressing issues.  Second, thee companies have specialized brushes, vacuums and other tools that they can use to access hard to reach areas of vents and hoses that would keep our machines down for an extended period of time. 

What happens if a fire breaks out?

If a fire breaks out, make sure to unplug the machine so that it does spread.  Then using a fire extinguisher, or baking soda put the fire out.  Once out don’t use the machine again until it is repaired.